​Trilogy Innovations is comprised of a team of experienced technology professionals who have been designing and selling advanced technology solutions to U.S. customers for decades. Our team is committed to providing leading and innovative technology while maintaining the highest levels of accountability and ethical business standards. We believe the way we do business is just as important as the products and solutions we sell.

tRILogy innovations


 ​Trilogy Innovations is an enterprise technology reseller and solution provider. As a technology solution provider we have developed partnerships with industry-leading technology manufacturers as well as the best of the emerging technology manufacturers. Our unique Technology Portfolio gives our customers the richest choice of technology solutions that more affectively solve their business and technology challenges. Trilogy's technology portfolio was initially developed with a broad selection across all of the technology industry sectors to provide maximum benefit to our Federal Government customers. We have adapted that approach to also bring our expansive portfolio and knowledge base to customers in the State and Local Government and general Commercial sectors within the US. Now all of our customers can benefit from our best-of-breed technology solutions.

Our employees are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive and balanced advice and expertise to help our customers increase their productivity while maximizing their return on investment in I.T. infrastructure solutions. It is our firm belief that technology solutions are business tools that should produce significant business results. All our employees understand this and approach their customers with the goal of finding and delivering the best technology solution for our customers which include the optimal combination of technology capability, manageability, initial cost, TCO and overall ROI. We also understand that responsiveness and accountability are critical characteristics that we must embody and provide our customers in order for our relationships to prosper over the long-term.